Nathan Clark


About Me

Hello there! I'm Nathan, a web developer based in the middle of the United Kingdom.

I love creating websites and have a real passion for mobile and responsive web design.

It's a small (and outdated) site but if you like what you see then give us a shout!


I've got more social profiles than I have fingers to count them on. Here's my most active six (kinda).


Below you'll find a small handful of sites I am either currently working on or have worked on.


A GTA: San Andreas Machinima Series started in 2007


A Test Drive Unlimited Let's Play done on YouTube

"Go get the guitar..."

A small collection of (mostly) Oasis covers all done by me

Contact Me

If you wish to talk to me then you can do so in three different ways - you can either send me an email, hope I'm online on AIM, or send me a tweet on Twitter. I recommend that last one.